East Lansing OrthodontistIf you’re looking for an East Lansing orthodontist, you’ve come to the right place! At West Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer our patients some of the best orthodontic care in and around the area. Our patients come first and we’ll always go out of our way to make sure that they’ll receive an unparalleled level of compassionate care. Through the expertise of our East Lansing orthodontist, Dr. Kristine S. West, and the exceptional orthodontic services we provide, we’re more than capable of giving our patients the smiles of their dreams!

Our Services

To help make sure that our patients achieve straighter and healthier smiles, no matter their orthodontic condition or their desires, we provide a vast selection of terrific orthodontic treatments. A listing of the services that you’ll find at your East Lansing orthodontist are as follows:

  • Metal Braces – The time-tested and traditional orthodontic treatment that most people are familiar with is metal braces. This orthodontic treatment utilizes metal brackets and wires to straighten a patient’s teeth. It’s a popular choice because it’s not only effective, but it’s economical as well.
  • Clear Braces – The difference between clear braces and metal braces is that clear braces use ceramic brackets instead of metal ones. These ceramic brackets blend into a patient’s natural teeth color, allowing for a much more attractive treatment.
  • Lingual Braces – These braces operate in a similar fashion as metal and clear braces, although there’s one major difference – the braces are placed on the backs of the teeth (the lingual side) instead of the fronts of them. This makes it so that others won’t even be able to see that you’re wearing braces.
  • Spartan Braces – These are essentially a type of designer braces where you’ll have input into how you want your braces to look.
  • Invisalign – Unlike traditional braces that utilize brackets and wires to shift a patient’s teeth, Invisalign uses clear, plastic aligners to do the job. Not only does Invisalign offer more comfort and convenience, but it’s incredibly discreet; others won’t even realize that you’re wearing the aligners!
  • Carriere – This is an orthodontic correction appliance that can minimize (and even eliminate in some cases) the need for headgear.

Visiting Your East Lansing Orthodontist

Our office is located on 13109 Schavey Road, Suite 1 in DeWitt, MI. You’ll find us in the Schavey Road Plaza, which is near both the DeWitt District Library and the DeWitt Shopping Center. If you’d like more exact directions on how to reach your East Lansing orthodontist, please click ‘Directions’ on the box that appears. Type in your address (or a familiar location) on the new page that shows up and your directions will come up shortly.

Come See Your East Lansing Orthodontist!

If you’d like to come see us sometime for braces or Invisalign, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your East Lansing orthodontist. To do so, you can either give us a call at (517) 507-3001 or fill out our appointment request form. We hope to see you soon and help you attain a straighter and healthier smile!

West Orthodontics

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